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{サイ ICONS - 23}

sai icons requested by super-beast-scroll


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Anonymous ASKED: would you be willing to accept another mod to work together to make icons?

You sent that exactly when I needed it ahhh I already asked people and no one ever had the time to help me with the blog. The past months I’ve been without my laptop and now I still need photoshop so I would love to, for real!

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konoha-kyubi ASKED: my beautiful icon maker! you wouldn't happen to have wounded/in pain naruto icons would you? for fighting or angst rps?

Ahhh, yes, I tried to make some. I hope they’re good enough!

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important update!

I’m here to tell you all that I didn’t give up on this blog. I finally managed to buy a laptop (hey, they’re expensive things here in Brazil!) so I’m trying to get started on making icons again. Yes, I’m back. Yes, askbox is open. I will be waiting for requests. Thank you! <3

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{うちはマダラ icons - 25}

Anime!Madara icons requested by anonymous


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{ テマリ icons - 25 }

Sabaku no Temari icons requested by tempestbladeachrive



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{ 大蛇丸 icons - 25 }

Orochimaru icons requested by the-man-whoforgets


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{ 自来也 icons - 26 }

Jiraiya icons requested by anonymous


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tempestbladeachrive ASKED: Could you make more Temari icons? Please and thank you!

Sure I can!

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Anonymous ASKED: Any chance you will make some anime madara icons? It would be awesome! And you should be proud of what you do here, you've got some talent :p


Thank you, really, thank you! That makes me happy. <3